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The Instream Flow

Improvement Project

The IFIP is the result of many years of negotiations between MVID, regulatory agencies, and non-profit conservation groups. The Project aims to assist MVID in serving all of the shareholders with adequate water, while minimizing the effects on ESA-listed salmonid fish.This site provides MVID members, project partners and community members with general and project information, background documents, maps and contact information.

Project Goals

  • Increase instream flows in the Twisp River below the MVID West Canal diversion.

  • Prevent mortality of listed fish species and reduce habitat impacts at MVID’s Twisp River point of diversion.

  • Allow for future habitat improvements at the MVID point of diversion.

  • Provide a reliable water supply to foster continuing agriculture in the Methow Valley.

MVID’s By-Laws and Rules & Regulations were amended in April 2018. MVID has also adopted a tracer wire policy that requires installation of detectable marking tape and locating wire when new facilities are installed. We strongly recommend that you review MVID’s rules and the tracer-wire policy and contact the district office before you initiate any land division or boundary line adjustment within the district.

In 2020, MVID resumed offering surplus water to non-members and members who have irrigable land that is not being assessed. You can download an extra water agreement here. MVID’s Board of Directors also adopted a fee schedule, which took effect on January 1, 2021. You can see the schedule here.

Please call the District Secretary with any questions.

Partners & Contact Information

MVID Directors

MVID Staff



Greg was born and raised in the Methow. Greg is the owner of Nordang Trucking, and works for the State DOT as a plow driver. Greg also raises beef south of Twisp.


(p) 509-669-5574




Mark graduated from Twisp High School in 1968.  He worked for the saw mill under two different employers.  He has owned and operated Methow Valley Industrial for the last 40+ years as a certified welder and a Certified Welding Inspector.

(w) 509-997-7777

(c) 509-429-9549




(p) 509-860-8421




Sandra joined as the Board Secretary in 2015.


Contact Sandra for basic information about assessments, rates, meeting dates, etc.


(p) 509-997-2576




Josh worked for MVID from 2002-2004, returning in 2011. Josh is in charge of daily operations of the MVID system.


Contact Josh for concerns about water delivery, system function, system maintenance, access, etc.

(p) 509-997-6843


Trout Unlimited Staff / Associates



Lisa is the director of Washington Water Project for Trout Unlimited, and has over two decades of experience working collaboratively on water and natural resource issues. She serves on the boards of Columbia River Advisory Group, Washington Environmental Council and Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition. Past experience includes serving on the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission, a Governor appointed position representing hunting, fishing and conservation organizations to the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department. Lisa attended both the University of San Diego, California and the University of Washington in Seattle.  She has extensive experience completing innovative instream flow transactions working with water right holders, tribes, governmental agencies and others to enhance stream flows in Washington State.


(p) 509-888-0970


Project Director


(p) 509-881-7689


Project Manager


(p) 509-881-7689


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